AMP plugin with AMP carousel slider

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) generator for creating Google AMP pages , the AMP plugins and the AMPHTML tag generator support the automated creation of an AMP carousel.

The AMP carousel sliders are automatically created from all images that are in the article text area (in the 'itemprop = articleBody' area ).


<amp-carousel> -Slider integration


The Accelerated Mobile Pages Generator automatically creates an AMP carousel using the 'amp-carousel' tag if there is more than one article image in the article area!

The AMP carousel replaces the usual article image on the AMPHTML page.

If there is only one image or no image at all in the article, the AMP carousel is hidden in order to improve the website loading times, since in this case the AMP carousel JavaScript does not have to be loaded first.

Instead of the AMP carousel, only the simple article image is displayed or the area simply remains empty.

The images in the AMP carousel are captioned. The <img> tag attributes 'alt=' and 'title=' from the original page are used as text. If these attributes are not defined in the original page, the Accelerated Mobile Pages generator uses the article's <Title> tag.