AMP plug-in with AMP live list function
(!! Temporarily deactivated !!)

The Accelerated-Mobile-Pages (AMP) generator for creating Google AMP pages , the AMP plugins and the AMPHTML tag generator use the AMP live list function and automatically activate the live data update on each generated AMP Side.


<amp-live-list> -Tag integration


The Accelerated Mobile Pages Generator automatically creates an AMP version with an automatic article update function using the <amp-live-list> tag. In this way, all AMP sites have a kind of live blog function.

If a user looks at an AMP version of a website and there are new features for this AMP page in the meantime, the AMP page recognizes that a new, more up-to-date version is available.

The AMP page notifies the user of the existing article update while reading, without the user having to reload the AMP page!

A button is shown to the user for this purpose. If the user clicks the AMP article update button, the new AMP version loads immediately in the familiar AMP speed! This enables shorter loading times than with a complete reload and always keeps the user up to date. For example, live tickers can be enabled with AMP.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Generator creates an AMP page that sends a request to the AMP page server (e.g. the Google server) every 16 seconds and checks whether a new article version is available. If a new article version exists, the AMP page shows the user an AMP update notice in the form of the article update button.