AMP plugin with IVW online counting support

Der Accelerated-Mobile-Pages (AMP) Generator zum Google-AMP Seiten erstellen, die AMP-Plugins und der AMPHTML-Tag-Generator übernehmen, zur Zählung der IVW Reichweite, automatisch die IVW-Einstellungen aus dem SZM-Tag deiner Webseite!


IVW SZM tag migration


The Accelerated Mobile Pages Generator automatically recognizes the IVW data from the SZM tag of the original page and adds this data to its own AMP page. In this way, the existing IVW count of the existing offer is automatically adopted for the accelerated mobile pages and, as usual, added to the IVW online reach from the existing online offer. This means that there are no disadvantages in the IVW count!

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Generator searches for the IVW SZM tag on the respective original page and adopts the following parameters for the AMP page:

  • (" st ": "... xyz ...") IVW offer identifier
  • (" cp ": "... xyz ...") IVW code
  • (" co ": "... xyz ...") IVW tag comment

INFOnline local list for AMP sites:


So that visits and PIs of the AMP pages are correctly assigned to your own IVW online reach, the following line must be added to the local list in your own IVW account (

  • *