Free Google AMP Template for - Step-by-Step Guide

Activate Google AMP with just a single meta tag ! - Use the free Blogger AMP template available here to provide fully automated Google-compliant AMP pages for your blog postings.

Optimize your blogger blog for mobile devices and their users , thereby also improving your posts for the Mobile First Index approach.

Test it now: insert meta tag and you're done!


Install / activate Blogger AMP template


The following step-by-step guide shows you how to install and activate the AMP template on your blogger blog . After adding, everything else runs automatically in the background - please note that the search engine must first perceive and process the AMPHTML meta tag on the individual pages of your blog before the AMP versions actually appear in the search results!

  1. Log in to the blog

    Log into your Blogger account and go to the Blogger Dashboard.

  2. Insert AMP widget code

    From the Blogger dashboard, navigate to the following option:
    • Template -> Edit HTML
    • In the HTML code, add the following meta tag somewhere in the <head> area :
    <link rel='amphtml' expr:href='"" + data:blog.url' />

  3. Save and you're done!

    Save Changes. The AMP template is then installed and activated in the blog!

Why this AMP template?


This official AMP widget / template for bloggers, from, activates Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on your blog - so create Google-compliant AMP files without any further AMPHTML knowledge, without additional time, easily and free of charge. Versions of your blogger posts, with just one HTML meta tag!