AMP WordPress Plugin - Install & Activate

This free AMP WordPress plugin for WordPress blogs , news sites and article postings , activates Google-AMP on WordPress sites , with just a few clicks!

Now optimize your WordPress website for mobile devices with "easy AMP" and upgrade your website for the Mobile First Index . With the Google-AMP plugin for WordPress, your WordPress posts get an AMPHTML version, which (Google wants) is stored in the Google AMP cache over time and thus, in addition to the faster AMPHTML code, again for significantly faster loading times on mobile devices Devices.

Try it out, the simple WP AMP plugin : Install. Activate. Finished!


Install the WordPress AMP plugin


There are two ways to install the WordPress AMP plugin - so choose one of the following variants and carry out the steps listed there to install the plugin and thus the automated creation of "Accelerated Mobile Pages" (AMP) for your Activate websites:

  1. Install the WordPress AMP plugin - (automatically)

    1. Install WordPress AMP:

      • Log in to your WordPress site.
      • Change to "Plugins" -> "Install" in the menu
      • Search for "" and install the AMP plug-in "easy AMP"
    2. Activate WordPress AMP:

      • Switch to "Plugins" -> "Installed plugins" in the menu
      • Navigate to "easy AMP" in the list of WordPress plugins
      • Click the "Activate" link.
      • Finished!

  2. Install the WordPress AMP plugin - (manually)

    1. WP AMP plug-in "easy AMP" - download:

      • Download the current plug-in version as a ZIP file via the following download link:
        "easy AMP - current version"
      • After downloading the AMP plug-in, unzip the ZIP file.
    2. Save WP AMP plugin in WordPress:

      • Store the unzipped "folder" in the WordPress directory under:
        ... / wp-content / plugins /

        ... / wp-content / plugins / wp-amp-it-up / ...
    3. Activate WordPress AMP:

      • Log into the WordPress blog
      • Switch to "Plugins" -> "Installed plugins" in the menu
      • Navigate to "easy AMP" in the list of WordPress plugins
      • Click the "Activate" link.
      • Finished!

Test WordPress AMP site


After successful AMP installation and activation in WordPress, you can preview your AMP pages.

Please note that calling up the AMP page for the first time may take a little longer than usual! - When loading for the first time or when updating, the plugin converts the HTML code into AMPHTML code, which initially takes more or less time, depending on the amount of content. - The later, actually faster loading time is not mainly due to the AMP preview page, but rather to the later display of the Google AMP page from the search engine's AMP cache, i.e. via the search engine's faster servers - i.e. the loading time of the Preview page is not necessarily the same as later directly from the search engine!

To get a preview of your AMP page , add the parameter "amp = 1" in the browser address bar at the end of the URL of an article / posting.


  • ? amp = 1 - If no query string is used: ? amp = 1

  • & amp = 1 - If a query string is used: & amp = 1

Why the WordPress AMP plugin?


"easy AMP" is the official Google AMP plugin for WordPress from and creates completely automated and free of charge Google-compliant Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for your WordPress posts!